Mihika (L), Sivani (M), Deepa(R)- Top 3 winners at Miss India Teen/Miss India/Mrs India of New England

Miss india New England 

​​​​​Join  the  Experience  of  a  pageant! 

'Miss India New England',  'Mrs India New England',  'Miss India Teen New England'

'Miss India Massachusetts',  'Mrs India Massachusetts', 'Miss India Teen Massachusetts'

'Miss India New Hampshire', 'Mrs India New Hampshire', 'Miss India Teen New Hampshire'

'Miss India Rhode Island', 'Mrs India Rhode Island', 'Miss India Teen Rhode Island'

Applications are open to participate for 2019/2020 year.

                            Miss (18 to 28 yrs)    or   Teen (13 to 17yrs)    or   Mrs./Ms India

The girls/women of Indian origin who live in/study in/work in/are born in/or belong to New England area in United States, are eligible to apply as a contestant. For more information, please request registration packet at the following email address/or phone number.

Please send an email to info@missindianewengland.com,



The pageant is a celebration of Indian heritage.