Miss india New England Indian pageant in Boston

Miss India New England in USA is a Pageant experience, prelims for Miss India USA, Worldwide pageant system, a talent show and celebration of Indian heritage

In past ten years, our pageant has been around as a platform to perform talent, showcase Indian and American fashion, promote Indian culture and sense of pride for modern generations, and a strong platform to network. As the pageant witnessed several success stories, it also saw transformation of New England as a talent hub where opportunity to shine became available to girls and women of Indian heritage. I would like to thank all sponsors, friends, supporters and families who have been with us for more than ten years. Hope to continue serving community now and in future.

Ruchika Arora

Producer and Director- 'Miss India New England'; State Director- "Miss India USA"

To participate in Miss India New England 2022 event in Fall this year- please text/whatsapp 978-866-8777 

The story...

2021: Rishika Pal - Miss India New England, Bollywood Dance Diva USA 

           Dia Arora- Miss India Teen New England

           Nandini Kashyap- Ms India New England

2020: Rishika Pal- Miss India New England, Jusrin Padam- Miss India Teen New England, Meenakshi Dewan Mrs India New England,  Aneesha Mohapatra- Miss India NH, Shreya Sharma- Miss India Teen NH, Nishita Reddy Mrs India RI; Mrs India USA Runner up, Himani Singhai- Miss India MA, Viewer's choice; Shefali Bakre- Miss India Teen MA, Viewer's Choice; Parul Patel- Classic Mrs India RI, Amruta Parab- Miss India Teen ME, Lakshmi Mahantesh- Mrs India NH; Akhila Mushini- Miss India Teen RI, Ankita Jain- Mrs India Maine

2018/19: Sivani Jonnalagadda- Miss India NE, Deepa Jayavelu- Mrs India NE, Miss India Teen NE- Mihika Abraham. Viewer's Choice NE-Aradhana Surapaneni; Miss India MA- Ann Varghese, Mrs India MA- Madhurima Agrawal, Miss India Teen MA- Trinjan Kaur; Miss India RI- Sai Kurapati, Mrs India RI- Medha rastogi, Miss India NH- Zaina Ahmed, Mrs India NH- Preeti Potdar

2017Jaskirat Kaur- Miss India NE ; Aakriti Raj -Miss India Teen NE  and  Shalini Kashyap -Mrs India NE. Priya Bagade- Mrs India NH; Shweta Rawat (Mrs. India MA), Viewer's Choice- Shalini Kashyap

2016: Fatima Armaghan- Miss India NE, Miss Catwalk, Viewer's Choice; Saniya Palia- Miss India Teen NE; Soumya Dharmateja- Mrs India NE; Mrs India RI- Rutuja Patil : Mrs India Worldwide Namita Dodwadkar

2015Miss India NE Anita Ganesan, Miss India Teen NE Shreya Patel Ranganarayan, Mrs India of NE Radhika Treon, Miss India New Hampshire Nikita Kodalli ; Miss Viewer’s Choice is Aishwarya Balaji Miss Teen Viewer’s Choice -Sahaja Surapaneni
Mrs Viewer’s Choice Shaila Verma

2014: Amritha Mangalat- Miss India New England 2014, Miss India Talented USA, Miss India NH; Harika Talluri -Miss India Teen NE, Viewer's Choice; Sheetal Kelkar- Mrs India New England 2014, Mrs India New Hampshire; Sudeshna Sen- Classic Mrs India; Serena Arora- Miss India Teen MA; Shreena Patel- Miss India Teen RI; Sonali Lappin- Miss India MA, Rakashi Chand- Mrs Viewer's Choice;  Mounica Donepudi- Miss Viewer's Choice, Namita Dodwadkar- Mrs India USA 2014, Mrs Photogenic at Miss India New England

​​2013 Monica Gill- Miss India Worldwide 2014, Miss India USA 2013, Miss India NE; Miss India Massachusetts 2013,

Miss Viewer's Choice; Shirin Bakre  - Miss India Teen New England-2013, Miss India Teen Massachusetts-2013

2012 Mansee Sangani- Miss India New England 2012;    Krithi Nathan- Miss India Teen New England 2012

Pavit Arora- Miss India Teen USA 2012 Runner up; Miss India Teen RI :Roshni Mirchandani- Miss India RI 2012