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Since 2010- our fashion and cultural event; and fashion shows have been around as a platform to perform, meet people and showcase talent or simply practice some stage confidence skills. We aim to, promote Indian culture and sense of pride for modern generations, and a strong platform to network. As the pageant witnessed several success stories at State, National and International level,  it also saw transformation of New England as a hub where opportunity to shine became available to girls and women of Indian heritage. 'Miss India New England'; 'Miss India Teen New England' and 'Mrs India New England' are very proud of the fact that they have done major contribution in this transformation. I would like to thank all sponsors, friends, supporters and families who have been with us for all these years. Hope to continue serving community now and in future. 

 Ruchika Arora : State Director- "Miss India USA"​​ : Producer- 'Miss India New England'

To participate- please text/whatsapp 978-866-8777 

​The story...

2023: .......Miss India New England Dhruvi Patel; Miss India Teen New England Dhriti Patel; Mrs India New England Sneha Nambiar; Miss India Pre-Teen NE Diya Ranganarayan; Mrs India Classic Elite NE Sunita Malhotra; Mrs India Elite NE Dr Sonali Khond; Mrs India Classic NE Arundhati Surya Sarkhel

2021/22: Rishika Pal - Miss India New England, Bollywood Dance Diva USA 

                 Dia Arora- Miss India Teen New England

                 Nandini Kashyap- Ms India New England

2020: Rishika Pal- Miss India New England, Jusrin Padam- Miss India Teen New England, Meenakshi Dewan Mrs India New England,  Aneesha Mohapatra- Miss India NH, Shreya Sharma- Miss India Teen NH, Nishita Reddy Mrs India RI; Mrs India USA Runner up, Himani Singhai- Miss India MA, Viewer's choice; Shefali Bakre- Miss India Teen MA, Viewer's Choice; Parul Patel- Classic Mrs India RI, Amruta Parab- Miss India Teen ME, Lakshmi Mahantesh- Mrs India NH; Akhila Mushini- Miss India Teen RI, Ankita Jain- Mrs India Maine

2018/19: Sivani Jonnalagadda- Miss India NE, Deepa Jayavelu- Mrs India NE, Miss India Teen NE- Mihika Abraham. Viewer's Choice NE-Aradhana Surapaneni; Miss India MA- Ann Varghese, Mrs India MA- Madhurima Agrawal, Miss India Teen MA- Trinjan Kaur; Miss India RI- Sai Kurapati, Mrs India RI- Medha rastogi, Miss India NH- Zaina Ahmed, Mrs India NH- Preeti Potdar

2017Jaskirat Kaur- Miss India NE ; Aakriti Raj -Miss India Teen NE  and  Shalini Kashyap -Mrs India NE. Priya Bagade- Mrs India NH; Shweta Rawat (Mrs. India MA), Viewer's Choice- Shalini Kashyap

2016: Fatima Armaghan- Miss India NE, Miss Catwalk, Viewer's Choice; Saniya Palia- Miss India Teen NE; Soumya Dharmateja- Mrs India NE; Mrs India RI- Rutuja Patil : Mrs India Worldwide Namita Dodwadkar

2015Miss India NE Anita Ganesan, Miss India Teen NE Shreya Patel Ranganarayan, Mrs India of NE Radhika Treon, Miss India New Hampshire Nikita Kodalli ; Miss Viewer’s Choice is Aishwarya Balaji Miss Teen Viewer’s Choice -Sahaja Surapaneni
Mrs Viewer’s Choice Shaila Verma

2014: Amritha Mangalat- Miss India New England 2014, Miss India Talented USA, Miss India NH; Harika Talluri -Miss India Teen NE, Viewer's Choice; Sheetal Kelkar- Mrs India New England 2014, Mrs India New Hampshire; Sudeshna Sen- Classic Mrs India; Serena Arora- Miss India Teen MA; Shreena Patel- Miss India Teen RI; Sonali Lappin- Miss India MA, Rakashi Chand- Mrs Viewer's Choice;  Mounica Donepudi- Miss Viewer's Choice, Namita Dodwadkar- Mrs India USA 2014, Mrs Photogenic at Miss India New England

​​2013 Monica Gill- Miss India Worldwide 2014, Miss India USA 2013, Miss India NE; Miss India Massachusetts 2013,

Miss Viewer's Choice; Shirin Bakre  - Miss India Teen New England-2013, Miss India Teen Massachusetts-2013

2012 Mansee Sangani- Miss India New England 2012;    Krithi Nathan- Miss India Teen New England 2012

Pavit Arora- Miss India Teen USA 2012 Runner up; Miss India Teen RI :Roshni Mirchandani- Miss India RI 2012