Miss india New England In Andover

Crowns and Titles of 2015 contest are-
Miss  India New England-2015       Winner Anita Ganesan, Runner up Aishwarya Balaji
Miss India Teen NE-2015 Winner Shreya Patel Ranganarayan, Runner up Akila Narayanan
Mrs India of New England-2015    Winner Radhika Trehan, Runner up Shaila Verma

Miss Viewer’s Choice 2015 is Aishwarya Balaji Miss Teen Viewer’s Choice 2015 is Sahaja Surapaneni

Mrs Viewer’s Choice 2015 is Shaila Verma      Miss India Talented is Rachana Talati

Miss Teen Talented is Anika Talwar
All winners will proceed to ‘Miss India USA’-2015 to be held at Royal Albert’s palace in New Jersey during a 3 day long national pageant. Miss India New England is truly a unique celebration and cultural experience.