​​​​'Miss India New England' 2017 Results:

Jaskirat Kaur- Miss India New England 2017; Aakriti Raj -Miss India Teen New England 2017 and Shalini Kashyap -Mrs India New England 2017. Priya Bagade- Mrs India New Hampshire 2017. 1st Runner up Serena Arora (Miss India); Aishwarya Narayanan (Teen); Shweta Rawat (Mrs.), Miss India Talented- Nili Pandya, Miss India Teen Talented- Aishwarya Narayanan, Mrs India Talented - Iswarya Prabhakar. Viewer's Choice 2017 based on audience voting Shalini Kashyap

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Miss India New England is and Indian show in Boston and prelims to Miss India USA.


Miss india New England INDIAN SHOW in Boston

Ambika Mangtani

Pageant ??? !!! Not me.
 Is it modelling?
 I am not that type.
 It's very difficult, I saw picture of last year's winner!
 I am into sports..........................I doubt I can ever win.

 I wrote this blogpost in an attempt to answer some of the doubts people always have in mind,  hope to also answer some of yours in simplest possible way.

 1-A pageant is not only a competition, it is an experience to enjoy and celebrate being a girl/woman with pride. Here at 'Miss India New England' it is a blend of Indian and American culture and celebration of our heritage in a vibrant atmosphere.

2-A pageant also gives a platform where you can deliver message through poetry or speech, or if you have a special talent, you can perform too for appreciation and for the love/art of doing it.

3- It is not true that ‘Miss India’ pageant winners are always the one in best of their shape. But sometimes pageant becomes a motivation, inspiration for participants to take care of them and be physically fit. Usually I see participants get more fit after winning/or getting title because that really motivates them. This kind of thing also happens to those who just enroll.

4-I can't mention the name here, but we had a Mrs winner who was size 8 when she won the pageant and then within an year she lost so many pounds, and became size 4. Be and inspiration for others and getting inspired from them, is another motive of connecting to others through a pageant.

5-I can proudly say that I have seen one of our winners entering into acting/modelling profession at 30+ age and being successful at it so much that it is hard to believe she lived as a homemaker before coming to the pageant platform. I have also seen students, career girls adapting a different lifestyle after coming to the platform. The pageant and environment probably motivated them to move one step in the direction of their dreams.

6-There was a Teen winner who was trained in Bharathnatyam dance yet never believed she could choreograph a Bollywood piece on her own. She participated in 'Miss India Teen USA' also. After being inspired from such big group of talent girls she started choreographing for her 'solos' and next year when she came to crown the next winner, she performed one of those outstanding pieces done by her. Sometimes all it needs is believing in yourself.

6-Participation in a pageant is fun too, getting yourself pampered  and learning catwalk etc--- and performing on a glamorous platform- all that is a kind of celebration and experience. Even little girls like to dress up, it is a natural phenomenon.
7- For winners and title holders, a pageant becomes a gateway to enter a life of glory and to be seen as a role model for society---an unforgettable moment of Crown and sash and number of opportunities. It is prelims of Miss India USA, Miss India Teen and Mrs India USA, gateway to Miss and Mrs India Worldwide.

8- 'Miss India New England' pageant contestants and winners stand out among other such contests because of a training/ guidance provided with registration. This include Ethnic dress round, Evening Gown and Introduction, Talent, and On-stage Questions.

9- Catwalk training, Public speaking, clothing/accessories guidance, makeup/hair guidance, Q&A preparation, Talent guidance- all are included as a part of 'Miss India New England' pageant enrollment. So you dont have to run here and there to look for training or guidance.

10- Everyone who has the courage and confidence to stand on stage and speak what they want to say in few seconds, are a cut above the rest.
         'Hope you enjoyed reading the above simplified version of pageant participation.' -Ruchika Arora